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Project: The 1040ez

Your goal is to learn how to fill out Internal Revenue Service form 1040EZ. You will prepare the 1040EZ three ways. First, you will use TurboTax's free edition. Second, you will find one of TurboTax's competitors, and use their free edition using the same numbers. Third, you will fill out the 1040EZ in your workbook. Use your best handwriting!

If you can, use your own W2 Form for your numbers. If not, use the numbers from this 1040EZ. In your essay, make note of the source of your numbers.

Next, write an essay in Google Documents comparing and contrasting the two online tax preparation services. Address issues such as ease of use, accuracy, and any problems you found in the software. Share this document to me, and print it out. Staple all four documents together in this order, and then hand it in:

  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Handwritten 1040EZ
  • TurboTax version
  • Competitor's version
TurboTax Instruction:
  • Go to the TurboTax website
  • Create a profile using your school GMail account.
    • TurboTax is a reputable company with industry-standard security features. However, if you prefer not to give your personal information, please substitute fictitious information as you see fit.
  • Complete TurboTax Federal Free Edition
  • Print your work