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There are few areas of our course which are more misunderstood than banking. Most students believe that convenience is the only consideration, and choose to put their money in the closest bank, or perhaps they choose whatever bank their family uses. However, careful research reveals that the best bank or credit union for you may not be the nearest, nor is it necessarily the institution favored by your parent or guardian.
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Chapter 5: Banking

  • 48 Reviewing Key Terms
  • 49 Understanding Key Concepts
  • 59 (quiz in class)
  • Assignment: Choosing a Bank
    • Review the data gathered on your spreadsheet, and choose the bank that best suits your needs. Write a short essay (500 words or more) about why the bank best suits your needs. Also write about why you decided against some of the other banks. Quote specific information from each column of your spreadsheet to illustrate how you came to your decision. Print the essay along with your completed spreadsheet. Staple them together, and hand them in.

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