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Business and Personal Finance

Global Instructions: Workbook

  • Complete the page heading information on every workbook page accurately and completely. Use MLA Format, as described on the Purdue Owl webpage. Points will be deducted for omissions and inaccuracies.
    • Student first name last name
    • Teacher Mr. O'Connell
    • Course Business and Personal Finance C1
    • Date m/dd/year
    • Title
    • Page number of the assignment (this is not part of MLA formatting, but include it anyway)
    • Page header with the student's last name and page number in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Reviewing Key Terms: Complete the Sentence
    • There is a similar workbook page at the beginning of each chapter.
    • All you need to write is the letter of the correct answer.
    • Your textbook will give you the proper definitions of each term, in the context of this course.
  • Understanding Key Concepts
    • There is a similar workbook page at the beginning of each chapter.
    • Use the Google Account you created for this course to create and store your answer documents.
    • Use the same page heading that's listed above.
    • Title the answer documents as follows:
      • Chapter number and name, Understanding Key Concepts
        • Example: Chapter 1: Personal Financial Planning, Understanding Key Concepts
    • The Title needs to appear in Google Documents as well as on the document itself.
    • Answer each question, and answer in full sentences using your own words.
    • Your textbook will guide you to the best answers in the context of this course.
      • Do not rely on your past experience with business and finance. OPEN THE BOOK! REVIEW THE POWERPOINT!
      • Do not rely on your common sense. Many concepts in Business and Finance completely defy common sense.
      • Do not rely completely on your personal experience with business and personal finance. Your experience is important, to be sure, but it's too limited to be relied upon to answer the questions accurately.
      • Your best strategy is to look up the information in the text, in the Power Point presentations, or on the web.
    • Print your work, and hand it in.

Global Instructions: Google Documents

  • Title your document as follows:
    • ABPF last name, first name, assignment name
  • To see the word count on your document:
    • Tools<Word count -or- ctrl+shift+c
  • To see the word count on a section of your document:
    • Select the text
    • Tools<Word count -or- ctrl+shift+c
  • To find a single word in your document:
    • ctrl+f
  • If you have a habit of typing "i" when you mean "I", or "u" for "you", use ctrl+f to find the i or the u, then correct it.