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Web Page Design Final, Spring 2018

You are required by me to arrive for the Final at the appointed starting time for your section. You are required by me to stay until the appointed ending time for your section. Requests for any variation in this exam schedule must be approved by Principal Wes Paul, Vice Principal Catherine Queally, or Vice Principal T.J. Flanagan.

Presentation Guidelines

Your goal is to present your Academic Resume Website to the class.

  • Your presentation must be brief.
  • Begin by introducing yourself. Pretend nobody knows your name.
  • Introduce your website
    • "Today I will be showing you my Academic/Resume Website."
  • Show your Home Page in it's entirety.
    • Show your Welcome Video (Video Project One)
  • Show the rest of your pages in their entirety, in this order:
    • Resume
    • Community
    • Academics
    • Co Curricular
    • References
  • Ask if anyone has any questions.
  • Thank your audience.

After all presentations are over, your goal is to confirm that your Academic Resume Website is published on the web.

  • Change the Share settings on each of your six pages and any embedded Google Documents. Here's how:
  • Color Scheme, Navigation
    • If you haven't done it already, make sure you have a consistent color scheme, and that you have solid navigation on every page. Make sure you have titles on every page as well.
  • File Management
    • The rule of thumb that I will apply for the purposes of grading is a place for everything, and everything in its place. Every website is organized in a slightly different way, but if you have organized your website, it will be obvious to me. If you haven't organized your website, that will be equally obvious.
  • Links
    • Make sure you don't have any dead links or bad links! This is the cardinal sin of web design. If I find ONE, the highest grade I will give you is a C.
  • Titles
    • Make sure you have titled your website. DO NOT title your site Untitled Site.
    • Make sure you have titles on every page. DO NOT title your page Untitled Document.
  • Spelling
    • "i" will lower your grade. "u" will lower your grade. SPELL CHECK CAREFULLY!