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Web Page Design Final, 2023

You are required by me to arrive for the Final at the appointed starting time for your section. You are required by me to stay until the appointed ending time for your section. Requests for any variation in this exam schedule must be approved by Principal Kelly Cavanaugh, Vice Principal Principal T.J. Flanagan, or Vice Principal Daniel Mastrogiacomo.

Your goal is to prepare your personal website for publishing on the web. Finish the website according to the instructions provided on the Personal Website project page. Here are some additional guidelines and requirements:

  • Navigation 20 Points
    • As per the instructions, you are required to use either tabs or buttons (not just plain text). The navigation bar must be consistent on every page.
    • Make sure you don't have any dead links or bad links!
  • Content 20 Points
    • At a minimum, all pages must have the word count specified in the instructions.
  • Titles 20 Points
    • Make sure you have titles on every page. DO NOT title your page Untitled Document.
    • The titles of the page must be in the same place on each page, and consistently formatted.
  • Color Scheme/Readability 20 Points
    • You are required to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the site. All text must have a high level of readability.
  • Images 20 points
    • All image must be properly formatted as per the instructions.