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Google Account Project

The goal of this project is for each student to gain access to their school Google Account, and to configure that account for this course. Once the account has been accessed, students will have access to all of the resources a Google Account provides, including Google Drive, Google Sites, email, word processing, spreadsheets, image editing, YouTube, and PowerPoint style presentation software. Google Drive continues to offer powerful new features on a regular basis, and all of these resources will be available free of charge once your Google Account is accessed.

As with any other piece of Internet related technology, students are expected to adhere to the Easton Public Schools Internet Acceptable Use Policy referenced in the OAHS Student Handbook. The handbook and the Acceptable Use Policy are available on the OAHS Website (click on School Info on the Home Page to access the OAHS Student Handbook).

Part One

Log on to your computer using your student username and password.

Start Google Chrome (common mistake: starting another web browser, like IE or Firefox).

Follow these log in instructions provided by Network Administrator John Sousa:


All student logins are unchanged and as follows:
First letter first name, first letter last name, LASID (ie. js404040 JS404040 will also work!)

Existing OA students Sophomores through Seniors can use the password they used last year for gmail, X2, and computer logins.
Existing OA students that have not logged in to Gmail or a computer have the default password: easton1234

Freshman computer login and gmail password: easton1234
Freshman will receive their login information for X2 separately

If a student has lost their Gmail or computer account, please submit a helpdesk request with their login name, or full name with year of graduation.

Make sure you write down your username and password! An astounding amount of my time is wasted each year by people who skip this step. So, I implore you: write down your username and password! My first question when you ask me for help with the email account you can't open will be, "Did you write down your username and password?"

Adding Contacts

  • After you open GMail, click the small orange triangle in the upper left corner next to the word "Mail", and choose "Contacts".
  • Click New Contact
  • Enter my first and last name
  • Enter my email address
  • Click New Contact
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your school email address
  • Using this method, create a new contact for the person sitting next to you. Use their school email address.


Enter your contacts, send me an email with course and section number, last name, and first name in the subject line. Sometimes, business is all about attending to small details, so please follow these directions exactly:

Bob Smith from Web Design section G1 would have a subject line like this:

Web Design Section G1, Smith, Bob

After sending the email, go to Google Drive from your email window, and explore the tutorials.

Check with your teacher to confirm that you succeeded.

Grading Scale:

The correct username, the correct information in the subject line, and in the correct order.
The correct username, the correct information in the subject line, but in the wrong order.
The correct username, but incomplete information provided in the subject line.
Incorrect username, incorrect information in the subject line.
Incorrect username, no information in the subject line, or any other serious departures from the instructions.
No confirmation email received at the address provided above.

Part Two

The goal of this activity is to help you organize your school work in Google Drive. Many students have moved over to Google Drive for all of their document storage, and with excellent results. This will also let you share your work and collaborate with others much more easily. By the end of this activity, you will have created a place for all of your schoolwork. You will also learn how to share your work- in this case, with me.

    • Take out your schedule.

    • Open your Google Drive

    • Create a folder (Create<Folder) for each listed on your current schedule. Use the names that appear on your schedule- for example, name the folder Algebra II, not Math.

    • After you create your Web Design folder or your ABPF folder, Share it to me.

      • For Web Design, Rename your folder, and add your section to the title.
        • web_design becomes b1_web_design
      • For ABPF, Rename your folder, and add your section to the title.
        • ABPF becomes b2 ABPF
      • share buttonClick the Share button in the upper right hand corner. The Share dialog box will open.

      • Begin typing my name in the Invite People field
      • Add your own name to the Invite People field
      • You should see my email address come up in the pop-up list- click it.

      • Leave the default, Can Edit, in the drop down menu on the right.

      • Click Add Message

      • Write me a note informing me that you have shared your Web Design folder with me.

      • Click Send

      • Click Done

      • Check your email to see if the invitation went out.

      • That's it!

Part Three

  • From your new GMail Account, navigate to Drive. Look up in the upper left corner of the GMail window for the link.

  • Open your Web Design folder.

  • Create a new document in the Web Design Folder, and save it as Google Drive Features. This will be your assignment title as well.

  • Start by typing in a complete page heading: assignment title, first and last name, date, and section.
  • Make a numbered list of ten features in Google Drive that might be useful to students, and explain why you think they might be useful. The first five items should mention the five basic document types that a student can create using Google Documents. The five basic document types are Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Forms, and Drawing. You can find a list in File<New:
google document types  
Image generated and edited by Sarina S.
OA Class of 2017
  • Answer in complete sentences.
  • If you have already used Google Documents for an assignment, include this as an example.
  • When you are done writing, reread the instruction and are sure you've followed each one carefully. Spell check your work, and send me an email from within Google Documents telling me you are done.
    • File<Email Collaborators
    • This opens an email window that allows you to email anyone you've shared the document with. Since you saved the document in the Web Design you previously shared with me, you will see my name in the list of collaborators.


Part Four

  • Share your document with a partner, and with Mr. O'Connell

    • If necessary, three students can work together

  • Create a new document (it doesn't matter who creates it), then add the two lists of features together.
    • If you get a message from Google asking you to install their web app, say yes, and follow the prompts.

  • Add each student's name to the page heading.

  • If one feature is repeated, work together to find a different feature to substitute for the repeat. The goal is to list 20 different features.

  • Make sure that all participants contribute equally. You can check this:

    • File<See revision history

  • Participants will share the same grade.

  • Re title the document as follows:

    • Section__, 20 Google Document Features

  • Send Mr. O'Connell an email from within Google Drive

    • File<Email Collaborators

  • Put Section__, 20 Google Document Features in the subject line

  • You do not need to print your work.