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Meta Description Project

The goal of this short project is to learn about Meta Descriptions, and write a Meta Description to add to our personal websites.

  • Create a new Google Document in your Classroom<Web Design folder.
  • Title the document Meta Description for lastname_first_name_personal_website.
  • Create a page heading in MLA format.
  • Write What is a Meta Description? below your page heading.
  • Select the question.
  • Select tools<research.
  • Find three web resources that explain Meta Description.
    • Insert the links into your Google Document
    • Cite the three resources
  • Write a Meta Description for your personal website.
  • Copy your description, and add it to your index.html page
    • Insert<HTML<Head Tags<Description
  • Turn In your Meta Description for lastname_first_name_personal_website document in Google Classroom.