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Personal Website: Academics Page Project
Adding Examples of Your Best Work

The goal of this project is to insert two or more school assignments that you think represent your abilities on your academics.html page. Possibilities include papers, web page assignments, video clips of a drama presentation, or recordings of musical performances.

    • Open your academics.html page
    • If you don't have any body text yet, go back and complete the Personal Website: Content Project before you proceed any further.
    • Create a separate Div Tag for your first assignment.
      • Use the same method for creating the new DIV that you used for each of the DIVS on the gallery.html page.
      • Name it academics_1
      • If it is a one page paper, change the height of the DIV to 1000px
      • Generally, enter 1000px for each page of text. Therefore, a five page paper, enter 5000px. Adjust the hight of the DIV as necessary after inserting the text.
      • Ctrl+S to Save
    • Navigate to your first assignment in Google Documents.
      • Select All (Ctrl+A)
      • Remove formatting
      • Copy (Ctrl+C)
    • Return to Dreamweaver
    • Use Paste Special to paste your first assignment in it's entirety into the DIV you just created:
      • Edit>Paste Special...>Text with structure (paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.)>Okay
    • Repeat these instructions for your second assignment. Name the second Div academic_2.
    • If you are inserting a video or a piece of audio, ask Mr. O'Connell for guidance.
    • Check your work in Google Chrome. Adjust the height of your Div as necessary to fit your assignments.