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Personal Website: Body Text Project

Our goal is to replace the Lorem Ipsum placeholder text on your Personal Website Project with meaningful body text, written in English. You may write in Russian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew or French if you wish. Here is the work flow for this assignment:

Part One: Writing Body Text in Google Documents

  • Navigate to Google Classroom, and open the Body Text: Personal Website assignment.

  • Below each page heading, write a paragraph or two for each page. Do not format your text- leave the default font settings. If necessary, look at the instructions for each page to get a sense of what the page is going to be about before you begin writing. Start with the Personal Website Project Overview page, and move through the project pages for page you're not sure about. In any case you will most likely go back as the pages develop and revise your work.

  • To write text for your Links page, refer to the instructions for the Personal Website: Web Favorites Project.

  • Here's an example from a former student's interests.html page:

    • "This page includes my interests, and what I like to do when I’m not in school. I have hobbies like drawing, which I do in a digital and traditional form. I have been drawing for a while and I have aimed to develop my art style so that it’s at a point where I can draw comfortably and like what I make. I’ve also been experimenting with animation using products like After Effects by Adobe and making material like title cards and working on audio spectrums. I enjoy playing online games that are heavily based off of coding and in a JRPG style, like or Stray Cat Crossing." (H. S., OA Class of 2018)
  • As you near completion, share your work with a partner. Comment on each other's work with specific suggestions for improvement. Also, be sure to include positive encouragement along with your specific suggestions for improvement. Key elements to look for:
    • Capitalization mistakes
    • Spelling mistakes
    • Grammatical errors
    • Run-on sentences
    • Sentence fragments
    • Sentences that just don't make sense.

Part Two: Moving the Body Text to Dreamweaver

  • Remove any formating you added in Google Documents.
    • Select your text
    • Click the "Remove Formatting" button.
    • It looks like this:
  • Select the page’s text, and copy it (Ctrl+C)
  • Open the corresponding page in Dreamweaver
  • If you have Lorem Ipsum placeholder text on your page, delete it before you continue.
  • Click inside of the right cell where your Body Text belongs, and use the Paste Special command (Ctrl+Shift+V). Chose Text with structure plus basic formatting and then click Okay.
  • The text should have normal (not Bold) formatting. If you don't follow the previous step, all the text might be bold, and points will be deducted from your grade.
  • Repeat this process on each page until you have body text on all six pages.

When you're done, Turn In your work through Google Classroom.