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Personal Website: Interests Page Project


The goal of the Interests Page Project is to apply as much as you can of what you have learned. This page should be a showcase for your web design skill as well as your interests. Choose your favorite interest, and create a page based on it. My expectation is that you will put a substantial amount of time and effort into this page and that your hard work will be obvious to anyone who visits the page.



In short, apply what you have learned and make it great!


COVID 19 2020 Adaptation:

Follow the same instructions as above, but complete your work in Google Classroom and Google Documents. A document will be provided for you under the Classwork Tab. You will not be able to embed a YouTube video, but you will be able to insert a link to a YouTube video, and that’s our temporary workaround for this.

Once your work is completed, click the Turn In button in Google Classroom. Later, when we return to our classroom, you will be able to download the Google Document as a webpage like this:

   File>Download>Web Page (.html, zipped)

I realize that some of you have already worked on this page in Dreamweaver, and I apologize for any duplication of efforts. However, these are unsusual times that require unusual effort. I’m sure you understand. As I have said more than once, in web design, when we have to redo something from scratch, it usually takes us half the time, and the results are often twice as good. So take heart. 
Check Google Classroom for due dates and other information.