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Personal Website: QR Code Project

What is a QR Code?

Basicly, a QR Code is like the bar codes at the supermarket, but it can be read by the camera of any smartphone and link to a variety of places, including web pages. First, watch this video to learn more. Then, proceed to the directions below to complete your QR Code Project. When you are done, submit your work through Google Classroom.

  • Open a web page in Google Chrome.
  • Copy the link at the top of your browser.
  • Go to a QR code generator such as
  • Paste the link into the QR code generator
  • Create the QR code.
    1. DATA TYPE: Select "Website URL"
    2. CONTENT: Select "Static"
    3. FOREGROUND COLOUR: Select a dark color
    4. Click "DOWNLOAD QR CODE"<rename your qrcode using a short, logical name<navigate to your website's root folder<Create a folder called"qr_codes" in your root folder<click Save.
    5. Insert the QR code into your web page just as you would any other image.

Now you’ve got a QR code that will automatically take visotors to your web page. All they have to do is point their phone's camera at the QR Code.

When you're done, turn in your work through Google Classroom. Submit the web page that contains your QR Code.

In Google Classroom:

  • Add<File<Select files from your computer
  • Navigate to your personal website folder
  • Select the web page that contains your QR Code
  • Upload
  • Turn In