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Web Favorites/Links Project

The objective of this project is to enhance student's Internet search skills and to be able to save their search results for future reference. The focus is on enhancing the student's search skills for academic research in all subject areas. By the end of the lesson, students will know how to preserve and organize their search results in a web browser by creating bookmarks as well as folders to organize these bookmarks by subject area (math, science, web design, art, music, physical education, etc.). Students will also demonstrate their ability to create a web page that features these organized bookmarks. Students should understand the concept of organizing information and presenting this information in a web design context.

Part One

Chrome Button

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button in the upper right hand corner . A diagram appears above.
  • Chose Bookmarks
  • Confirm that there is a check mark on Show Bookmarks Bar.
  • To create a new folder, right click the bookmarks bar, and choose Add folder.
  • Create Bookmark folders for each of your current OAHS courses, one folder for General Education, and one folder for an area of personal interest. These interests must be High School appropriate, and legal according to Massachusetts State Law.
  • Add two high quality links to each of your Bookmark folders
    • These links must be appropriate for High School
    • They must be directly related to your current courses and interests
    • Do not include links to your search results
    • Important note: Do not include links to Spark Notes! Read the book! Don't short change your education!
  • Helpful Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+D=Bookmark (or click the star icon)
    • Ctrl+Shift+B=Hide/Show Bookmark Bar

Part Two

  • After you find all of your links:
    • Open your links.html page in Dreamweaver.
    • Create a new Div Tag for your project. Name it links_project. Refer to Image Project One for instructions on how to create a DIV for your tutorials.
    • Click inside links_project Div tag, and create an unordered list (also known as a bulleted list).
    • Create a bulleted list of the courses you are currently taking based on your folders in Google Chrome. Also include General Education as well as your area of personal interest, as described in Part One. Add all the websites you bookmarked below each subject, as per "Sample of a work in progress:" below.
      • right click>copy the name of the website in Google Chrome (or use Ctrl+C)
      • right click>paste in Dreamweaver (or use Ctrl+V)
      • right click>copy the address of the website in Google Chrome (or use Ctrl+C)
      • select the name and then right click>paste the address in the link field in Dreamweaver's Property Inspector (or use Ctrl+V)
    • Include a short description directly below each link.
      • Click to the right of the link, and hit Enter
      • In Properties, use the Indent button to move the bullet to the right.
      • Type in your description. The description should be one or two sentences long, written in STANDARD ENGLISH. Yes, this includes things like proper capitalization, and periods at the end of sentences.
      • SPELL CHECK ALL OF YOUR WORK EVERY TIME! Shift+F7 is the shortcut.
      • Do NOT write a one word description.
      • Save and check your work often.
        • If you find a dead link, delete the link from the Link field in Properties, and relink.
      • An example appears below
    • To adjust the height of your links_project Div in you CSS document to fit your work

Sample of a work in progress:

  • Algebra One
    • S.O.S. Math - Algebra
      • An excellent algebra site that starts off with the basics and then gradually moves into the advanced.
    • Coolmath4kids
      • This site gives clear explanations and examples of basic mathmatical concepts.
    • High School Algebra Curriculum
      • This is a well organized website that seems to have solid explanations of every concept in Algebra.
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Guitar Building
    • Guitar Heroes- James D’Aquisto
      • This is a website from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City about my friend and mentor, Jimmy D'Aquisto.
    • Sadowsky Guitars
      • Roger Sadowsky has a thorough knowledge of D'Aquisto's guitars, having repaired and rebuilt Jim Hall's guitars for many years. His archtop guitar designs reflect what he learned.
    • Stewart-MacDonald
      • Stew-Mac is an excellent site for guitar parts in general, and archtop guitar parts in particular.
      • A terrible website, but they have great instruments and great information.
    • Mouradian Guitar Company
      • Jim Mouradian is the best guitar repairman in New England, if not on the whole East Coast.
      • GuitarNuts is a good source of information about wiring guitars, selecting components, and assembling guitar wiring harnesses.
    • Robert Keeley Electronics
      • Robert Keeley's excellent site on hand made guitar effects.
    • Harmony Central
      • The most popular site for posting reviews on all types of guitars, amplifiers, and electronics.
    • BYOC
      • This website markets kits to build your own effects. There are clones of various commercial effects as well as a variety of unique and highly customizable designs.
  • Web Design
    • How to create Hyperlinks in Dreamweaver CC 
      • This is a YouTube video tutorial on basic hyper linking. It shows several different methods, and it is easy to follow.
    • Codecademy
      • This site was recommended by a former student. Ari informed me that it was the best site she found on how to learn HTML and other web-related code. According to Ben, "This website is actually amazing and I have been looking for a resource like this to teach me other coding languages. I would honestly use this instead of the html books you have in your room. It checks your syntax every time you try to move on, so there is very few mistakes that get left. The site won't let you move on until your code is perfect. As you type it updates a preview window so you can see exactly what you are doing instead of setting up chrome on one side and note pad on the other. Tags, attributes, and scripts are different colors so it is easy to read and find mistakes. The lines of code are numbered also making it easier to read. The lessons it goes through are the same as the ones we learned in the book but are very much more memorable because of how easy it makes it to learn. The steps are easy to read and understandable. Best of all it is free!
    • One Extra Pixel
      • A great site to learn more about color schemes. They have lots of free resources for web designers.
    • Google Sites
      • A website that tells you all you need to know about making a free web page with Google Sites.
  • General Education Sites
    • Blackboard
      • Blackboard is Framingham State University's website for online learning courses.
    • Socrative
      • An excellent site for both students and teachers. Socrative allows you to create a variety of different assessments that can be accessed on any device.
    • Quizlet
      • Quizlet is a great online learning tool that allows you to learn and study. You can create flash cards, play learning games, "star" information, and more.




Here's an excellent example that uses a more advanced format, created by Emily F., Grade 9. Feel free to use this format.



Turnitin This is an excellent website that allows teachers to check students work for plagiarism and also makes it easier for students.
Predicates, Objects, 
This grammar site gives clear explanations and examples of basic examples of predicates, objects, and predicates.
Quizlet A great site to help study vocabulary to get a better understanding of the word. It helps prepare you for tests and quizzes.
Merriam-Webster A great website to go to when you need to know what a word means or need a better understanding of the word.
Purdue OWL An awesome website that will find information to assist with writing projects.


The Great War This is a well organized website that seems to have solid explanations of every concept about the Great War.
World War I: Beginnings and the Aftermath A very informative website with key points and facts about World War I.
BBC- World War I Another great site to find information about WWI that has many great pictures.
History- WORLD WAR II A great site to learn more about WWI and each event that took place during it.
Famous People Biography A good website source to find famous people and learn about there lives and the events that took place.


Class zone This is a well organized website that contains my online text book and seems to have solid explanations and examples.
Khan Academy This website provides various examples of problems in simples step by step solutions.
Math is Fun This geometry site gives clear explanations and examples of basic geometry concepts.
Purple math Another great site that gives full explanations on how to solve a problem.
Math Homework Help|Geometry An excellent math site that provides practice quizzes and lessons to help you while doing homework.


The Physics Classroom A very informative website that covers specific information about physics and specific topics.
Physics 24/7 This website prepares you for tests with practice problems and quizzes. Complete solutions are available so you can check your understanding.
Physics4kids Another great physics website to help inform you with definitions, problems, and help.
Moodle This is a great website to take practice quizzes your teacher puts on his or her page.

You Tube-Matthew Turgeon

This site allows you to watch videos that your teacher or someone else create. You can find examples of problems and how to solve them step by step with someone explains how to do it.


Studyspanish A great site to help study and understand vocabulary and Spanish concepts.
Spanish 2 This website has a layout of all the lessons and chapters that we learn and Spanish 2. You can access all the study materials and play games to learn it.
SpanishDict This website enables you to search a terms that you do not know how to spell or a word that you do not understand.
ielanguages This is a great website to go to when you are having trouble remembering how to conjugate a verb or if you want to review vocabulary.
Spanish for Kids  This Spanish website is great to review basic Spanish terms that you might have forgotten. It also gives you games you can play to practice.

Web Design

Codecademy An excellent web site to use when learning HTML coding and the basics of a website.
Adobe Photoshop CC This website is useful when you need help when using Photoshop CS6. It also tells you keys techniques that are helpful.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts This website allows you to learn the keyboard shortcuts. It gives you the shortcut then shows it to you on a keyboard.
Mr. O'Connell's Technology Home Page This website comes in handy when we are assigned a project and I need instructions. It is also useful when I need a tutorial for something I don't understand.
84colors This is a well organized website that allows you to learn web design on your own. It gives useful information and tips.

Fitness Fundamentals

Anytime Fitness  This is a gym website that lists the different types of equipment they have to offer you.
YMCA This is another gym website that provides information about their gym. It also provides information about peoples experiences and camps they provide.
Doctor Oz. This is a website for the show Dr. Oz. It provides tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle from day to day.
The Athlete A great site to learn more about the human body and how to prevent injuries while exercising
Four Simple Fitness Fundamentals This website shows why exercising is so meaning full and how it effects us.


Oliver Ames Soccer This is a website that consists of pictures and information to follow throughout the high school soccer season.
SOCCER.COM This is a well organized website that allows you to order apparel and equipment to be prepared for soccer.
Boston Breakers Academy an excellent website to learn more about the professional Breakers soccer team and the academy teams.
WEGOTSOCCER  This is another great apparel website where you can buy almost everything you need to be a soccer player. This one is special because you can shop for outfits according to your favorite team.
FOX Soccer A great website to keep you up to date on scores and times of matches and the hot topics in the soccer world.