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Filming a Documentary: Compiling and Editing

Your goal during the editing process is to tighten up each segment, decide on the final order of the segments, provide transitions between the segments, and create opening and closing titles and credits. This is where you will make your final decisions about what you will and won't include in your final version. Your final edited video MUST BE LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES LONG.


  • Upload ALL of your video clips to YouTube before you begin editing.
  • Sign in to your OAHS Google Account
  • Navigate to YouTube
  • Follow this path:
    • My Channel<Video Manager<Create<Video Editor
  • Trim the head and tail of each clip Trimming works in a similar way it worked on your phone.
  • Decide on a final order for your clips.
  • Provide transitions between clips, but make SURE that the tranisition you've chosen doesn't interfere with the dialog.
  • Add music to your opening credits ONLY. Do not have music playing in the background of your interviews.
  • Create opening titles and credits.
  • Create closing titles and credits.
  • Your final edited video MUST BE LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES LONG.

Navigating YouTube Video Manager:

  • Once you reach the Video Editor, you are ready to compile and edit your video clips into a movie. There are excellent help files accessible through the Video Editor window. There is a black "Help and feedback". button nn the lower left of the window

Here's an example video I created using YouTube's Video Manager/Editor. Note the text, transitions, and soundtrack. Note that the original audio has been muted.

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