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Invisible gif Tutorial

  • Open Photoshop Elements.

  • Choose edit and enhance photos.

  • Choose File>new>blank file.

  • Enter the desired height and width.

  • Set the Resolution to 72 ppi.

  • Set the Background Contents to Transparent.

  • Click Okay.

  • Choose File>Save As.

  • Change the Format to CompuServe Gif.

  • Name the file invisible_x_height_by_x_width (substituting your height and width for X).

  • Save the file in your image folder.

    • If you are going to use a lot of invisible .gif files, create a folder and call it invisible_gifs, and save it in there.
  • You're done.

How is this useful?

  • Create an invisible spacer to use in a table to precisely position images or text.

  • Use as an invisible image for a simple rollover.

  • Use as an invisible image for a swap image behavior.

  • Use as an invisible image in a multiple event rollover.