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Tutorial: Converting .psd files to .gif files in Photoshop Elements

To convert entire folders:

  • open Photoshop Elements
  • Choose File>Process Multiple Files
  • Choose your source folder
  • Coose your destination folder
  • Make sure there is no checkmark on Resize Images.
  • Choose convert to gif
  • Click okay
  • All of your files are converted at once. Let the computer work, and don't click or type anything until you are sure the conversion process is complete.

To convert individual files:

  • open Photoshop Elements
  • Open your .psd document
  • Choose File>save As
  • In the Format drop down menu, choose Compuserve GIF [.GIF]
  • Navigate to your gifs folder. If you don't have a gifs folder, create one inside your psd_buttons folder now. .
  • rename your file (e.g. home.gif) and choose Save
  • Repeat this procedure for all of the .psd files you wish to convert
  • You're done

Note* This method will also work for converting your files to .jpg, .png, or any other format available in the Format drop down menu.