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Tutorial: Site Setup and Preferences for Dreamweaver CC 2017

The goal of this project is to set up a new network computer with your preferences and access to your work. These instructions were written for Dreamweaver CC.


Define your site:

  1. Log onto your new computer
  2. Open Dreamweaver
    1. If asked if you want to register your software, choose Don't Ask Again
    2. If you see the Default Editor dialog box, click OK to use the defaults
  3. Click the Site menu
  4. Choose New Site...
  5. A dialog box that looks like the one below opens. There are only two things you need to set in this dialog box, and they are indicated below with red arrows:
    1. Site Definition Dialog Box
  6. In the box next to Site Name:, type the name of your site. Use exactly the same name you used for your root folder.
    1. Example: lastname_firstname_web_design_midyear_2018
  7. Click the browse icon to the right of Local Root Folder:
  8. Navigate to your network folder, and double click the root folder of your site. Confirm that it appears next to the word Select: at the top of the dialog box, as indicated by the upper red arrow below.
  9. Click the Select button at the bottom of the dialog box, as indicated by the lower red arrow below.
    1. root folder selection
  10. Click Save in the site setup box.
  11. If the Manage Sites dialog box opens, click Done. Wait while the Site Cache is generated.
  12. Your Site Setup is now complete.

Reset/check your Preferences:

  1. Edit<Preferences or Ctrl+u
  2. Choose Real-time Preview
  3. Check of Preview using temporary file
  4. Set Google Chrome as your Primary Browser
  5. Set Firefox as your Secondary Browser
  6. Choose File Types/Editors
  7. Set Photoshop CC as the Primary Editor for the following file types:
      1. File types:
        1. .png
        2. .gif
        3. .jpg .jpe .jpeg
        4. .psd
      2. To do this, select the file type, and then:
        1. Select the file type on the left
        2. Click Photoshop on the right
        3. Click Make Primary
        4. Click Okay
        5. Repeat for each of the file types listed above