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Tutorial: Website Final Checklist

Before a website is ready to upload to the Internet, it is important to carefully and methodically check for mistakes. Even the best web designers do this, as it is very easy to accidentally create a mistake, or forget small details while preparing a site. Even with careful checking, it is not unusual to find small mistakes after a site is uploaded. The goal of this Final Checklist is to eradicate as many problems as humanly possible to avoid uploading your mistakes.

Root Folder and Site Definition

Make sure the root folder's name is correct. The goal here is to make sure the folders are where they are supposed to be, and that they they are named correctly.

  • Go to Site>Manage Sites>Edit
  • Check your
    • site name
    • root folder
    • default image folder

Master Tables

  • Make sure there is nothing outside your Master Table, and that every element is in it's own cell.
  • Don't have an image sharing a cell with text. Move them to separate cells.
  • Simple check: Select your Master Table. Check to see if anything is outside of it.
  • If there is anything outside of the Master Table, add a new row to your Master Table, and move the image or text to the empty cell.


  • Make sure each page has a title on the page itself, and also in the Title: box above the page.

Color Scheme

  • Check your Page Properties to see if your color scheme is the same throughout your site. Every page should have the same properties.
  • Make sure you have included at a minimum the following:
    • Background Color
    • Text Color
    • Link Color
    • Rollover Links
    • Visited Links
    • Active Links
  • Perform this contrast check:
    • Open the page in Google Chrome
    • Stand back five feet from the computer.
    • Honestly ask yourself if you can easily read all of the text on the page, including the navigation.
    • If you answer "no" to the previous question, solve the problem in one of the following ways:
      • Increase the contrast by making the background darker, and the text brighter.
      • Increase the contrast by making the text darker, and the background brighter.
      • Increase the contrast by making the text larger.
      • Combine the previous solutions in any way that solves the problem.
    • Stand back five feet from the computer again, and ask yourself is you have really solved the problem. If not, keep working until you do.


  • Open your page in Preview Mode, and make sure your navigation works. You should be able to go to any page from any page. Test all possibilities.
  • If you have a dead link, take out the link, re link it, and then paste your corrected navigation to all of your other pages.

Images Folder

  • Check your file names to make sure you have only used the four acceptable elements.
    • lowercase letters
    • numbers
    • underscores
    • dot
  • Correct any mistakes, and click Update each time.
  • Make sure all of your images display properly.
  • Make sure you haven't resized any images in Dreamweaver.
  • A simple check:
    • Select the image on the page in Dreamweaver.
    • Look at the Property Inspector.
    • If you see the numbers for height and width are in bold, the image has been resized in Dreamweaver.
    • You will also see the Refresh button next to the numbers.
    • You need to correct this.
  • If you have resized any images in Dreamweaver:
    • Take note of the size on your page
    • Open the image in Photoshop Elements
    • Resize the image using the correct size
    • Save it in the images folder.
    • Replace the original file with the edited version.
  • Select the image or rollover. Make sure you have included an Alt tag for blind and vision impaired users.


  • Begin by using Spell Check.
    • Commands>Check Spelling (or shift+f7)
  • After you finish correcting the mistakes the computer found, re-read the text. Correct the mistakes the computer didn't find.
  • Be very careful to take out anything that is not Standard English. This includes taking out any slang or texting shortcuts, such as:
    • ya instead of you
    • i instead of I
    • u instead of you

External Links (also known as Absolute Links)

  • Always go to the website you want to link to, and then copy and paste the link from the address bar.
  • Check to make sure that your external links work correctly.
    • Open your page in Preview mode, right click the link, and choose Open link in new tab.
    • If your link doesn't open correctly, take it out, and then re-link it.