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Web Design I

This hands-on course will focus on the use of applications such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop Elements to create web pages for the internet. The course will feature service learning in that students will be expected to collaborate with members of the school community to bring the work of various departments, clubs, and organizations to the World Wide Web. During the second half of the course, the focus of the course will be the integration of multimedia elements into the web design process including music, animation, and video. Students will also create personal academic web sites that serve as portfolios for their work inside and outside of the course.

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Web Design II

Currently offered as an independent study, this course is for those who successfully completed Web Design I and are interested in learning advanced concepts built off of what was learned in Web Design I. Students will be expected to work independently and collaborate with the school community to create websites using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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Advanced Business and Personal Finance

Advanced Business and Personal Finance is designed to show students how to manage their finances now and in the future. The course will focus on the various sectors in the financial services industry. The objective of this course is to educate students in the areas of saving, investing, borrowing, insurance, banking, real estate, employment opportunities, investments and retirement. Students will learn how to prepare a financial plan. Students will conduct internet research on various career and financial services.

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