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This college-bound course is intended to build leadership skills in the different marketing competencies.Instruction in advertising, communication, human relations, management, math, merchandising, operations, product and service technology and selling will be given. In addition to classroom activities, the student will be assigned independent projects. Sports and Entertainment Marketing will also be briefly covered. Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a subject to which all students can relate. Sports and entertainment are everywhere not just in ball parks and theaters, but at schools, on television and radio, in stores and on the Internet.

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The Entrepreneurship course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in understanding the rewards and risks of owning or operating a business enterprise. Topics covered include identifying the characteristics of an entrepreneur, discovering entrepreneurial opportunities and researching and analyzing domestic, global and market trends. Students will be exposed to a variety of business studies including production, marketing, finance, human resources, global competition and social, environmental and legal issues. All students will prepare their own business plan and each is required to participate in DECA events, including presentation of individual and/or team projects at the DECA district competition.

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