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Teacher Rubric At-A-Glance: The 33 Elements

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The 4 Standards, 16 Indicators, and 33 elements in the Model Rubric for teachers:
Standard I:
Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment
 Standard II:
Teaching All Students
Standard III:
Family and Community Engagement
Standard IV:
Professional Culture
A. Curriculum and Planning Indicator
1. Subject Matter Knowledge
-Observation, 10/30/2013
2. Child and Adolescent Development
3. Rigorous Standards-Based Unit Design
-Webpage Curriculum Guide
-Business and Personal Finance Curriculum Guide
4. Well-Structured Lessons
-Observation, 10/30/2013

B. Assessment Indicator
1. Variety of Assessment Methods
2. Adjustments to Practice

C. Analysis Indicator
1. Analysis and Conclusions
-Item Analysis, Web Design Final
-Item Analysis, Business and Personal Finance
2. Sharing Conclusions With Colleagues
3. Sharing Conclusions With Students


A. Instruction Indicator
1. Quality of Effort and Work
-Observation, 10/30/2013
2. Student Engagement
3. Meeting Diverse Need

B. Learning Environment Indicator
1. Safe Learning Environment
-Observation, 10/30/2013
2. Collaborative Learning Environment
3. Student Motivation
-Observation, 10/30/2013

C. Cultural Proficiency Indicator
1. Respects Differences
2. Maintains Respectful Environment
-Observation, 10/30/2013

D. Expectations Indicator
1. Clear Expectations
2. High Expectations
3. Access to Knowledge

A. Engagement Indicator
1. Parent/Family Engagement

B. Collaboration Indicator
1. Learning Expectations
2. Curriculum Support

C. Communication Indicator1. Two-Way Communication
2. Culturally Proficient Communication

A. Reflection Indicator
1. Reflective Practice
2. Goal Setting

B. Professional Growth Indicator
1. Professional Learning and Growth

C. Collaboration Indicator1. Professional Collaboration
-Joan Holt, Librarian

D. Decision-Making Indicator
1. Decision-making

E. Shared Responsibility Indicator
1. Shared Responsibility

F. Professional Responsibilities Indicator
1. Judgment
2. Reliability and Responsibility

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