Machining and Metalworking




An asterisk (*) designates that the course is an articulated Tech Prep Program course. Students attending colleges with this program can receive 5 college credits if the course is completed with a grade of “B” or better.


Machine Metal Technology I


Metalworking at a beginner’s level is taught, where the student will learn how to use hand and power tools to the metals trade. The different types of metalworking and welding will be taught such as: sheet metal, machining, using the lanthe, pedestal machines, drill press, gas and arc and forge/anvil work. As these are taught projects will be build taking the taught practises into actual practises.


Machine Metal Technology II


More advanced metalworking skills, techniques, and the processes of machine shop operations will be taught. Different aspects such as making and sharpening, hardening metals through heat treating, and basic metallurgy will be taught. Particular attention will be paid to the use of the vertical and horizontal miller.


Machine Metal Technology III


Power Technology/ Small Engine Repair


This class is a beginning study of the internal combustion engine. Emphasis is placed on the function and relationship of parts contained in small two and four stroke engines. Stress is placed on safety and the use of hand tools.


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