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Web Page Design

Academic Resume Website Project
Phase One: Planning

Phase One: Planning
Phase Two: Writing Content
Phase Three: Starting the Site
Phase Four: Adding Images


"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Phase One Rubric

Start by reading Web Page Design: Identify the Target Audience in order to prepare for our class discussion.

What information should and shouldn't be included in this web site?

Log on to your Google Account, go to Google Drive, and then to your Google Classroom Web Page Design folder. Create a new Document, and outline a plan for your site. Your plan should include all of the elements listed below, but it should also include LOTS OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE OVER THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS. When your plan is complete, submit it through Google Classroom.

  • Your title will be: “Last Name, First Name: Academic Resume Website Plan”
  • Single space your document. Although MLA format calls for double spacing, I add my comments digitally, so the extra space is unnecessary.
  • Provide a complete page heading, like this:

    Academic Resume Website Plan
    Your Name
    Mr. O’Connell, Instructor
    Web Page Design
    Section E3

  • Your first topic will read “These are pages of my website.”
  • Include the following sub topics (and sub-sub topics):
    • Home page
      • Personal statement
        • "My name is ________. I am ___ years old, and I live in Easton, Massachusetts. I was born in ________, but I moved to Easton when I was _ years old." etc.
      • Goals
    • Resume
      • list each job you have had here
    • Community
      • Talk about your Community Service activities here.
    • Academics
      • For now, a simple list of your current courses will suffice. Later, you will add a transcript from X2.
      • Three examples of your work
        • Choose three examples of your best work from your other classes- not web design. Make sure that at least one of the three is a writing sample. English and History assignments are good candidates. Other possibilities include photographs of your art work, recordings of a musical performance, or video of a theatrical performance.
        • You don't have to paste them into your plan. Just type in the title of each piece of work. You should also import them into Google Drive if you haven't already.
    • Co Curricular
      • sports, music, clubs, charity, personal interests/hobbies, political action, etc.
    • References/recommendations
      • List three references. In this context, a reference is an adult who can vouch for your reliability, honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, and suitability for the position you are applying for. Ideally, the person should not be a family member, and should not be a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator. Good choices include your boss or supervisor at your job, the adult in charge of the community service project you volunteered for, the supervisor at your internship program, or a coach who knows you well. If you don't have any adults who fit this description, please come and talk to me so we can brainstorm together.
      • Before you include the person on your website, contact them and ask permission to use them as a reference. If you are planning on publishing your website right away, ask them for permission to publish their email address. Ask them to confirm their current email address- it may have changed since you last emailed them.
      • Include the person's full name, their email address, the context that they know you, and how long they have known you. Example:

        Barbara Smith, Supervisor

        Ms. Smith was my supervisor for my part time job as a file clerk at Massive Dynamics. She has known me since I began working for Massive Dynamics in 2013.

  • Your second topic will read “These are the features included in my website. ”
    • Navigation
      • The type of navigation bar should be noted here. It can be horizontal on the left, or vertical across the top. You have the choice of plain hyper-linked text, buttons, or tabs.
    • Images
      • Picture of myself
        • This is suggested, but not required.
    • Text
  • Outline all of the special features you will be including in your site (examples: pictures, video, rollovers, music, flash, etc.).
  • Include any other topics that you think will strengthen your plan.