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Web Page Design

Academic Resume Website Project
Phase Three: Designing and Creating the Site

Phase One: Planning
Phase Two: Writing Content
Phase Three: Starting the Site
Phase Four: Adding Images

Before you begin, think about the placement of the following items. Where will they appear on your page?

  • Navigation
  • Titles
  • Images
  • Content
  • Special Features (Videos, MP3s, Animations, etcetera)

Open Google Sites. Establish your site using the new version of Google Sites, not the Classic version.

  • Create your new site by clicking the large "+" in the lower right hand corner. Name your site First Name Last Name's Academic Resume Website
    • Example:
      • Richard Gere's Academic Resume Website
  • Lowercase letters and underscores are not required by Google sites. Use Title Case for your titles.
VERY IMPORTANT: Turn in your page through Google Classroom. You can unsubmit and resubmit as many times as you like, but make sure you end each work session by turning the site back in.
  • Create your pages by clicking Pages in the right hand panel. Name them as follows:
    • Home
    • Resume
    • Community
    • Academics
    • Co Curricular
    • References
  • Choose a color scheme for your website. Your color scheme must provide high readability and strong contrast. DO NOT USE A DARK BACKGROUND COLOR FOR THIS PROJECT.
    • To get color scheme ideas, check out this great web resource, courtesy of Ari:
  • Copy and paste your content into the appropriate pages.
  • On your Academics page, add each assignment using this command: Insert<Google Drive<Document
    • You must change the Share settings for each document to the following:
      • On Set the permissions to Can View

The Navigation Bar

  • Create a navigation bar for your web site. You may use a vertical or horizontal layout.