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Academic Resume Website Project
Phase Two: Writing Body Text

Phase One: Planning
Phase Two: Writing Body Text
Phase Three: Starting the Site
Phase Four: Adding Images

Phase Two Rubric

  • General:
    • Write your text in Google Documents.
    • The title of your document should be First Name Last Name Academic Resume Body Text
    • Make sure that you have thoroughly covered the subject matter for each topic on each page.
    • Minimum requirements are listed below. To check the number of words on a given page, go to Tools<Word Count or Ctrl+Shift+C.
    • Paragraph text must NOT use center alignment or right alignment. Justify your text, or use left alignment- the choice is yours.
    • Paragraph text should not be formatted in bold. If you do this, there will not be any bold text.
    • Spell check your work. Google Documents will underline the word if it appears to be misspelled. Right click to correct. More importantly, read your text carefully- the spell check between your ears is far more powerful than the most advanced computer. Remember: spelling always counts in everything in life, directly or indirectly.
    • Find a partner that is not sitting next to you. Share your Academic Resume Content documents with each other. Share your Resumes with each other. You will each be responsible for proofreading the other person's work, checking the word count on each section, and providing helpful comments. There is no set requirement in terms of the number of comments, but I expect to see evidence of active collaboration.

  • Home (Requirement: 200 words or more)
    • On your home page, create a welcome message that introduces your site and identifies your target audience.
    • Create a second paragraph about your goals. Start with "My goal is to..."
  • Co Curricular (Requirement: 200 words or more)
    • Your co curricular page should contain information about any organized activities that you think would be appropriate. This could include playing a musical instrument (either in a school sponsored program or not), playing a sport, being a member of a chess club, or a variety of other non-academic activities. Again, speak with me if you are unsure of what to include.
  • Academics (Requirement: 800 words or more. THIS INCLUDES THE ASSIGNMENTS THEMSELVES.)
    • At the top, include a short explanation of what the page is about.
      • Please note: After you create the Google Site, you will be adding three assignment in their entirety into your Academics page.
      • Your word count includes your transcript and school assignments.
    • Include a current transcript from X2. Present whatever information you think is appropriate from this transcript. If you are unsure of what to include, schedule time with me to discuss this.
      • In X2, choose My Info<Transcript
      • Select the Transcript table
      • Ctrl+C to copy
      • Open your Academic page on your website
      • Click below your master table
      • Ctrl+V to paste
      • Right-Click inside of the table, and change the border value to "1".
      • Edit the table as needed.
    • Make sure you have properly cited any material you are quoting directly or indirectly. Your work should always conform with our school's policies on academic integrity, but be aware of the fact that this site will be instantly published on the Internet, and therefore subject to legal action if you should use protected work without properly citing it.
  • Community (Requirement: 200 words or more)
    • Write a paragraph about what you've done in the past for community service.
    • Write a second paragraph about the community service you are planning for the future.
    • Special note: If you have never done any community service, use this part of the assignment as an opportunity to develop specific plans. List the organizations that you are planning on contacting, and information about what those organizations do for the community.
  • References (Requirement: 100 words or more)
    • Provide the names of three responsible adults that you can count on to give you a great recommendation.
    • Do not use family members as references- many organizations specifically forbid them, even when a family business is involved.
    • Ask each of these responsible adults for their email address, and include it next to their name.
    • Make sure you link each email address.
    • Provide sentences for each reference explaining how long they have known you, and your relationship to that person.
      • Example: "Mary Smith has known me for three years and two months. She is my supervisor at the Mercy Street Animal Shelter where I currently work as a volunteer."
  • Resume (Requirement: 200 words or more)
    • First, create a separate resume in Google Documents
    • Use one of the Google Documents resume templates.
      • You can find them here:
        • New>from template
    • Look at all of the templates, but choose a chronological resume.
    • Title the document First Name Last Name Resume, and save it in your Google Classroom Web Design folder.
    • Safety Concern: Do not include any contact information other than your school email account. Do not include your address or phone number.
    • Include your names of your references in this document
    • If you already have a resume, use it!
  • When complete, turn in both documents through Google Classroom. Documents that are "Shared" will not be accepted. You are welcome to Unsubmit and Resubmit as often as you like- just don't forget to click Turn In after you edit.