Industrial Drafting




An asterisk (*) designates that the course is an articulated Tech Prep Program course. Students attending colleges with this program can receive 5 college credits if the course is completed with a grade of “B” or better.


*Technical Drafting*


Instruction will include the use of drawing instruments, graphic geometry, lettering, orthographic projection, and several types of pictorial drawings as used with technical drawings in the electro-mechanical fields. Some of the assignments will be done on CAD (computer aided drafting) equipment.


Architectural Drafting


Prerequisite:  Technical Drawing


Students should have taken one year of technical drafting before enrolling in this course.  Students will learn to use drafting equipment, lettering, scales, and engineering geometry needed to develop technical drawings necessary for a wood frame residential structure.  Some of the assignments will be done on CAD (computer aided drafting) equipment


Architectural Drafting II


Prerequisite: Architectural Drafting  


Students will use drafting techniques and symbols acquired during the course to produce drawings to industry standards.  At this advanced level students will acquire the construction knowledge and product technology in order to understand the nature and impact of designing and building structures.  These skills will provide them to draw, block, layout, and load diagrams, and schematics using CAD programs and other tools to create drafting products and projects


Architectural  Drafting III


Prerequisite:  Architectural Drafting II


Students will refine their knowledge and skills in the use of drafting tools, measurement, layout and standard sheets, two and three-view drawings, auxiliary and isometric views which were presented in Engineering Graphics.  These skills will provide them to draw and label offset and half sectional views and draw and create load diagrams of a bridge. Using CAD programs student will construct working drawings after completions of a design.


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