An asterisk (*) designates that the course is an articulated Tech Prep Program course. Students attending colleges with this program can receive 5 college credits if the course is completed with a grade of “B” or better.


*Woodworking Technology*


A beginner level of woodworking in which students learn the properties of wood, many elements such as joinery, gluing, and clamping, along with machining methods are presented in this course. As these techniques are taught, projects are built which incorporate those practises into actual practice, including mass production of a product.


*Woodworking Technology II*


More advanced techniques will be taught at a more advanced level of woodworking with hand and power tools. Advanced techniques of design and set-up procedures will be taught, along with frame and panel construction, and then will be incorporated into projects to be built.


Wood Technology III


Modified Wood


Modified Wood is open to all students enrolled in the Prevocation/ Vocation Special Needs Program for those between the ages of 18 and 22. In this course which is designed for the beginner level of woodworking, students will learn the properties of wood, the elements of joinery, gluing and clamping, and the use of hand tools and basic machinery.  Students will work on individual projects as well as occasional group projects.




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